Silly Songs
by Doug Jones

Sing them. Kids, bring the parental supervisor along and
make some silly noise in songs about funny things. No baby belugas allowed, sorry. Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts optional. Desired!!

The aim is not to disgust, but to charm, but Raffi I ain't. I want to hear wild kids doing wild songs, and maybe convince them that they are the music makers, they are the makers of songs. As it always has been!

MY PHILOSOPHY: Comedy tunes should be amusing at first hearing, stuffed with gags that hit you later, and be melodic and richly musical enough to bear repeated listenings on a recorded medium.

STREET CRED: Doug Jones, performer, soundtrack composer, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, effects makeup man and computer animation teacher.  Had his Monster Musical performed with cast of 40 in Loa Angeles. Full tilt, makeup, backgrounds projected imagery, props, the works. But they only used 8 songs out of the 36 intended as a triple album for world's most famous Horror-host, John Zacherle. Still, who else can say they had a musical performed in Hollywood? Rand as a special event, all day then as intended, closed forever! Get it while you can...


SFFFF 2004: