Sound Tech Workshop
by Doug Jones

See me at the mix desk at Cafe Cabaret (the food prep cafeteria). Noon to 3, mostly, Sat and Sun. I will train groups of up to five how to PLACE MICS, RIDE GAIN, ADJUST TONE and deal with Folkies, who are not amp-savvy.

These are great skills for any person who wants to deal with people, sound and hardware in a live or studio recording scene.

Doug Jones, performer, soundtrack composer, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, effects makeup man and computer animation teacher.  Had his Monster Musical performed with cast of 40 in Loa Angeles. Full tilt, makeup, backgrounds projected imagery, props, the works. But they only used 8 songs out of the 36 intended as a triple album for world's most famous Horror-host, John Zacherle. Still, who else can say they had a musical performed in Hollywood? Rand as a special event, all day then as intended, closed forever! Get it while you can...


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