Musician Support Network
by Loren Davidson

Been playing the same venues for way too long and want to try someplace new? Looking for people to jam with? Gig with? Tour with? Someplace to record? Just looking for someone who’ll understand and offer a sympathetic ear?

This round-robin session will provide an opportunity for performing musicans to ask questions, share experiences, and help one another in surviving and hopefully prospering in a very challenging profession. Bring your questions, your suggestions, any resources you’re willing to share. Some handouts may be provided; feel free to bring your own to share!

Loren Davidson

Born in the Midwest and raised in Vermont and upstate New York, Loren grew up studying piano and singing in school choirs, barbershop quartets, and garage bands. He began playing guitar and writing songs while in high school. He moved from New York to southern California in 1976, and from southern to northern California in 1993, where he currently lives, works, and plays.

Loren’s musical influences range from the classical and calypso music played at home during his youth and adolescence to folksingers such as Pete Seeger, James Taylor, and the Guthries, to popular musicians of the late 60s to mid 70s such as Jim Morrison and Keith Emerson. In recent years such performers as Jimmy Buffett, John Prine, Bob Marley, and Lord Buckley have added their own influences. He describes his musical style as “contemporary folk music with tropical attitude.”

Loren has performed at numerous northern California venues. His first album, Songs From My Heart, was released in 2002. He is currently working on a new album, Tropical Troubadour.

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