Comic Songs, Poems and Monologues
by Malcolm Rigby

This will be a song swap session, my contribution will be primarily songs and monologues from my home County of Lancashire together with their history to the extent to which the participants show interest in same. I'd like to hear at least as many offerings from the audience as I put out so we all get a chance to perform.

Born and raised 10 miles from the U.K. cities of Liverpool and Manchester, Malcolm worked in the Coalmines and in High Steel construction for 10 years after dropping out of school at age 15. Winning a Scholarship to Oxford in 1964 he became a resident singer at Heritage, the University Folk Club alongside fellow residents the Louis Killen, June Tabor, Peta Webb, Tony Rose etc.

Malcolm grew up singing the industrial and sea songs of his home area, additionally picking up ballads from his Irish grandfather and rebel and union songs primarily at the knee of his Socialist mother! His contributions to this workshop will be mainly from his home county of Lancashire, England, famous for its comedians, comic songs and monologues.


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