The Sing-Along Harper
by Verlene Schermer

In this class we'll learn how to "jam" along with a song circle on popular sing-along songs -- just like people who play guitar! We'll use folk and pop tunes that have words and chords only -- no written music. You'll learn how to play chords in a variety of rhythm patterns and you'll learn "fingerpicking" styles to play along with singers and guitarists and other musicians in a group setting. You can of course also use these patterns to accompany your own singing or another singer or instrumentalist!

In addition to the song handouts, there are handouts that will help you determine how to set your levers, what notes to omit when the chords travel outside the key, and how to determine the time signature, and establish the "groove" of a song.

Verlene Schermer is a South San Francisco Bay Area based singer, songwriter, and harpist with an eclectic style that leans toward blues and jazz. She performs as a solo artist and with her combo of bass and drums. She accompanies her dynamic and versatile singing voice on Celtic harp and cross-strung chromatic harp. Her original songs cover a wide range of topics from themes of dreaming, vision, and creative process, to poignant observations about modern living. These can be heard on her four solo recordings, Comfortable Blues, Dreamtime, Rendezvous with the Moon, and Persephone's Art. Verlene's recordings and performances are often described as "transformative" and "empowering." She tours the U.S. and Europe performing in concerts and teaching harp and voice clinics.


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