Ellis Island

The Ellis Island Old World Folk Band was formed in 1980 in Berkeley, California. The band is proud to be a part of the revival of the Klezmer music tradition—the "jazzy" Jewish dance music developed in Eastern European ghettoes, and modernized in America as it passed through the gates of Ellis Island at the turn of the century. The repertoire of the Ellis Island Band, while rooted in this Klezmer tradition, also included traditional melodies from Russia, Poland, Greece, and Italy, with an occasional journey through songs from a more modern era. The Band is dedicated to the preservation, performance, and presentation of this rich musical heritage. Band members include: Jim Rebham, accordion, Steve Scott, bass, Helen Placourakis, violin, Carol Ginsburg, flute and vocals. Kyla Danysh, violin, and John Kasley, guitar.



SFFFF 2004:

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