Volunteer Job Descriptions

It takes over 150 volunteers to put on the Free Folk Festival! We need your help. Just an hour of your time at the festival will make a huge difference. There are jobs for everybody, from sitting at the Folk Club table selling tapes, CD's, & books to working at the instrument check room (making sure people's musical instruments are kept safe), to helping out with parking, setup, or cleanup.

email volunteer@sffolkfest.org

For more information on available jobs, see Volunteer Job Descriptions below, or click the links below for a quick summary of jobs and times in handy sign-up sheet format. Enroll your friends!

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Performers and Workshop Leaders: email director@ssfolkfest.org for workshop leaders and performers@sffolkfest.org for performers

Volunteer Job Positions:
• Telephone Volunteers
• Grassroots publicity
• Vendor Liason. Filled.
• Instrument Check
• Festival setup
• Festival teardown
• Folk club table
• Fundraisers. Filled.
• Emcee Open Mic. Filled.
• Emcee Main Stage Filled.
• Sound Engineers
• Parking
• Craft table Filled.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Telephone Volunteers. Ask folk club members to help put on the event (25).

Grassroots publicity. Post flyers and contact people interested in music events.

Vendor Liaison. Contact vendors about coming to the festival; ask them to place an advertisement in the festival program (1 coordinator)

Instrument Check. Help check instruments in and out & keep them safe. Requires 2 people per shift. Opens at 11:45am each morning until 7pm; Saturday evening shifts 9:00 pm - 9:30pm and 10:30 pm - 11pm; Sunday evening shifts 8pm - 8:30pm and 9:30pm-10pm. Shifts are one hour in length, except the evening slots. The instrument check coordinator will be responsible for checking at the beginning of each shift to make sure that the volunteers have shown up for their slot and will need
to set up/take down the room at the beginning and end of festival (2 coordinators; 30 one-hour shifts).

Festival setup: Help set up the school for the festival: mapping & labeling tables & desks & chairs to be moved, putting up signs, setting up tables, assisting sound crew, moving desks out of rooms, etc. Setup begins at 9am on Saturday morning and goes until noon. (Need folks for 2-hour shifts.)

Festival teardown: Three people who will go through the rooms and halls to make sure the place is in good order on Saturday evening. At 6pm Sunday, approx. 6 strong people will put the workshop rooms back into classroom formation. At 10pm Sunday, about 6-8 people will assist in cleaning up the main hall and dance hall, including taking down the sound equipment. Slots last about 1 hour or less, depending on the number of people who can help out. (3 people on Saturday evening, 6 people at 6pm Sunday, 8 people at 10pm Sunday).

Folk club table (information and product sales). Hand out literature, sell t-shirts, books, SFFMC memberships, tapes and CDs. Be able to provide information on the club as well as the festival itself (where are bathrooms, workshops, etc). 12 one-hour shifts per day, 4 people per shift.

Fundraisers. Circulate donation cans during the festival. Coordinated by folk club table (1 person per day).

Emcee Open Mic. Introduces acts & fills in as necessary. Should know how to run the sound system. The open mike coordinator must be available throughout the day to make sure that the slots are filled (2 coordinators, 10 one-hour shifts).

Sound Engineers. Needed to control sound boards for stage performers and for the gyms used for dance workshops. Loans of equipment and setup also welcome!

Emcee Main Stage. Introduces acts & fills in as necessary.

Parking. Act as parking lot attendant behind school. Check for parking permits. The parking coordinator will set up the lot to ensure that the largest number of vehicles can park. (2 coordinators, 12 one-hour shifts)

Craft Table. Help the children's craft activities at the craft table on the first floor. (6 two-hour shifts)


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