Mokale" Rhythmsong Circle - Sing, Move & Lift Your Spirit!
with Tony Elman

(Note: This workshop is mostly recommended for grown-ups.)

Mokale" is a fun, magical journey into a world of rhythm, movement and song. The Mokale" (mo"kuh-lay") circle contains overlapping waves of rhythm, chanting, singing, clapping and stepping. Each participant learns to embody (receive and carry) multiple rhythms that pulse through his/her body and continue around the circle. This .poly-rhythm. experience is a fun way to develop awareness, insight and extraordinary rhythm skills. .exhilarating. .fiercely challenging and well worth it. .the most valuable musical training had. .a profound healing experience. TONY ELMAN is the creator of the Mokale". RhythmSong Circle and the founder/director of the Bay Area Polyrhythm Choir. Tony is an acclaimed composer, singer, instrumentalist and record producer (Acorn Music)--as well as a passionate and nurturing teacher. " musical pioneer" Washington Post

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