Music and Song Workshops

Barbershop Singing
Harriett and Charles Feltman

Beginning Guitar for All Ages
by Hali Hammer

Beginning and Intermediate Lead Guitar for Folkies
Michael Bechler

Beginning and Intermediate Harmonica
Paul Herzoff

Beginning Button Accordion - Accordion Provided
Paul Kostka

BIM BOM! Easy Yiddish Songs
with Rollicking Choruses

Jillian Tallmer

Bowing Magic for Old Time Fiddlers
by Ray Bierl

D.J. Hamouris

by Daniel Hersh

Contradance Band
by Tinker’s Damn

Django Jam: Gypsy Swing Guitar
by Tom Murray

Gospel Sing
by Jerry Michaels and Marian Gade

Guitar:Filling in the Blanks
Karen Imperial

French Music Jam
Gary Breitbard

How to Read Music
by Angeline LeLeux

International Folk Songs
Julie Bidou

Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer
D.J. Hamouris

Irish Whistle
Tim Hart

Italian Mandolin
Nicola Swinburne

Unaccompanied Singing
Ed Silberman

by Melisse Leib

Oriental Aerophone Instruments
Setora Tanho Music Band

Peace Songs
by Lisa Hubbell

Piano Accordion
Art Peterson
Political Songs
by Carol Denney

Lani Herrmann

Rounds for Peace, Love and Hope
Kay Eskenazi

Sacred Harp
Gary Breitbard

Sing Along For Kids of All Ages
Carolyn Jayne

Singing, Speaking and Drumming with Rhythm and Rhyme
Laurie Vela

60's & 70's Easy Rock
Rose and Jim Hudson

SOLIDARITY!! Inspiring Yiddish Labor and Unity Folksongs
Jillian Tallmer

Songs & Stories of Wit, Cleverness, Trickery & Ploy
Robert Rodriquez

Songs of the Sea & Sea Shanties
by Richard Adrianowicz & Peter Kasin

Songs of Love, Lust and Labor
Malcolm Rigby

Songs of Women's Work and Protest
Estelle Freedman

Clem Small
Spoons Playing Workshop
Spoons Playing Workshop
Tin Whistle
Tony Higgins

Hiram Bell

Utah Phillips
Ed Hilton

World Harmony Chorus
with Daniel Steinberg

Writing and Learning Novelty Tunes
Doug Jones

Hiram Bell
Jewish storytelling for all ages
Ed Silberman

Clem Small

Songs of the Carter Family
Searle Whitney

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