Piano Accordion Workshop
by Art Peterson

This workshop is open to beginners through advanced players. Art will demystify the 120 buttons on the left side, and bring exercises to approach the understanding of the piano side. Questions will be welcome and encouraged

The piano accordion first appeared in the early 1900's and became extremely popular in the United States for dances, weddings, and concerts with material ranging from Italian tunes and Polkas to Ragtime and Classical. It's "traditional" uses include contra dance and western bands as well as Scottish and sometimes Irish music.

Art played for ten years in a touring band called "Those Darn Accordions" which performed yearly at the Cotati Accordion Festival and also on many radio and television programs including Dick Clark's "American Music Awards." He currently plays in "The Polka Cowboys" and "The Repercussions."

For more information: www.artpeterson.com


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