Oriental Aerophone Instruments
by Komila Khodjaeva, Feruza Latipova, Laylo Madumarova and Matrasul Matyakubov

The Oriental instrumental culture is very rich and diverse. The earliest references to musical instruments date back to the ancient times. The images of musical instruments on stone terrains, small and large sculptures, items of applied arts, and wall frescos indicate that the core of musical culture were the centers of ancient states of Marakand in Sogdiana, west bank Khorezm, and the cities of Baktria. Wind instruments were represented by various types of flutes, such as surnay and nay.

These wooden wind instruments are rather like the oboe. Because it makes a very loud sound, it is best played outdoors, and in Turkey is popular at weddings. Similar instruments are found throughout the Persian world with similar sounding names, like zurna, karnay, shanay, etc. Many centuries ago, traders introduced an instruments like this into China and Europe

Since this year Setora Tanho starts to perform music in a oriental ethno-folk mood, which is fulfilled with a freedom of nomad, passion of Persian verses, mystical and enigmatic soul of Asia. Komila, Feruza and Laylo make their performances original with Asian feminine dances and live flute come outs, using the nay and surnay instruments. Before Setora Tanho Band was known as Setora group, performed in ethno-pop style with modern shows and mixes.


SFFFF 2005: