Disabled Access to Roosevelt Middle School
460 Arguello Blvd. at Geary, San Francisco, 94118.

We have no special facilities for the visually or aurally impaired.

For wheelchair access, it is best to park in the school lot (or enter via the lot) from Palm Avenue. Let the parking folks know you are disabled, since the lot may otherwise be restricted.

All first floor rooms are readily accessible to wheelchairs.

To access and return from the third floor requires some patience, so you may wish to consider your options. There is an elevator, located on the 1st floor just beyond the craft table, near the gym. BUT the school restrict our use of it. A key is necessary. We are actively trying to improve the situation, but the system adopted in recent years was:

  • To go from the 1st to 3rd floors: ask at the craft table, and they will assist you.
  • To return from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor: either have a friend return to the 1st floor craft table via the nearby stairs, OR use the walkie-talkie attached to the wall near the elevator. For that matter, if you have your own walkie-talkie, bring it and tune to channel 5. Talk into the walkie-talkie while pressing the large "talk" button. Request the elevator to the 3rd floor. Release the "talk" button to hear any reply. It may take several minutes for it to come.
  • Do not use the second floor. There are no festival activities there, and no walkie-talkie.

We are sorry that the system is imperfect. It is also unreliable - the elevator has broken in the past. We rent the school and are bound by their contract terms. We are doing everything we can think of to improve the situation.

If you have any comments, please contact the festival director.


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