Choir Room Performances
A Cosy Venue for Music Appreciation

Li' Ol' Opry - Saturday 3-6pm


Julay Brandenburg and the Nightbirds
Julay’s powerful, haunting voice perfectly compliments the traditional sound of the Nightbirds. Outstanding bluegrass from some of the Bay Area’s top musicians.


Deb Berne and David Murray
Providing old time banjo and fiddle music for the L’il Ole Opry today are members of the Squirrelly Stringband. Deb and David also do important community outreach work through the Ladies Banjo Society of California.

Gordon Clegg
The Clogging Cowboy is on hand to sing us a few old songs of the western plains and then will jump up to show off his clogging skills. You can also catch Gordon performing around the Bay Area in a western swing outfit, the Saddlecats.

4:00 Sam Misner and Megan Smith
Sam and Megan cover a lot of territory in the land of Americana. Country, blues, bluegrass and folk are blended into a mix of familiar and original tunes.
4:30 Misisipi Cree
Bay Area twang veterans Misisipi Mike Wolf and Cree Rider bring their alt-country act into town.
5:00 J. Byrd Hosch
A fine Texas songwriter whose country roots come through loud and clear in her music. Formerly the leader of San Francisco’s legendary Kountry Kays.
5:30 Jeanie & Chuck’s Country Roundup
Longtime folk club favorites perform all kinds of vintage country music, along with some of Chuck’s originals. When Jeanie belts out a honky tonk tune, you know heartache is on the way.

Showcases - Saturday and Sunday

noon, Saturday

Celtic Showcase
by Tinker's Damn

5:00, Sunday

Harp Showcase

Family Concerts - Saturday and Sunday

1:00, Saturday

Family Concert
by Max Millard and Janet Sirett

2:00, Saturday

Family Concert
by Robert Rodriquez and J. Byrd Hosch

2:00, Sunday Family Concert
by Fran Avni and Laurie Vela
3:00, Sunday Tutti Frutti Commedia (Italian Clowns & Music)
by Jim Letchworth
4:00, Sunday Family Concert, kids' open mic
by Lisa Atkinson

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