by Daniel Hersh and Riggy Rackin

Introduction to Anglo, English and Chemnitzer concertina. Demonstration and Q&A covering concertina playing in a variety of styles, including both melody playing (Irish, English, etc.) and vocal accompaniment. Anyone interested in the concertina is welcome to attend, regardless of whether or not you have an instrument or know how to play one.

Daniel Hersh has played Anglo concertina for over 20 years, playing for Irish, contra and English country dances, in concert performances for adults and children and in recording studios. He has recently taken up the Chemnitzer concertina as well. Daniel has previously led concertina workshops at the Summer Solstice Festival in Los Angeles and at past Free Festivals.

Riggy Rackin is the leading English concertina player in the Bay Area, with many, many perfomances and several recordings to his name (see ). He is especially known for his song accompaniment on concertina. Riggy plays Anglo concertina too. He has led or co-led concertina workshops at the Free Festival since the dawn of time.

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