Cajun Music Jam
with Blair Kilpatrick of Sauce Piquante Band

An introduction to playing the toe-tapping dance music of South Louisiana. Blair Kilpatrick (accordion, vocals) and Steve Tabak (fiddle) play with Sauce Piquante, a traditional Cajun-Creole band. They also host weekly jam sessions in their home, in the tradition of their friend and mentor, the late Danny Poullard, the legendary Creole accordionist who was the guiding spirit of the Bay Area's vibrant Louisiana French music scene. The workshop will focus on the basics: getting that characteristic Cajun rhythm, learning the traditional structure for tunes, jam etiquette. We will lead you through a waltz and a two-step. Traditional Cajun-Creole bands are built around the 10 button diatonic accordion, fiddle, guitar--along with triangle, rubboard, drums, and bass. But no matter what you play, we will find a place for you. So come on by--to play, listen, dance, and pass a good time!


SFFFF 2006: