Body Rhythms
by Brook

Would you like to become more comfortable with ethnic rhythms, feel these rhythms in your body, use more complex rhythms more naturally and easily? We will explore the body as a time keeper and the innate sense of pattern and wave that allows us to stay connected to rhythmic patterns. By feeling a base (or "mother") rhythm with the body, we are inside a rhythm; we become part of its flow. If there's time, we will also explore how different rhythm patterns change the feel and quality of a song and how to use rhythmic emphases in lyrics. This is an experiential workshop. Come prepared to sing, clap, move, and snap as we make rhythms together.

The focus of Brook's teaching is direct experience and reflection, empowerment of the participants, and emotional safety. Brook presents workshops in music, on music for healing, and on personal development and growth in the U.S. and internationally. Through drumming and chanting, Brook brings a high level of energy to his experiential workshops.

"I've worked with Brook for over twenty years, in all kinds of situations from nonviolence trainings in the mud to Witch camps and ritual trainings--he's very skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, conscientious, and fun to work with--especially good at empowering his students." -- Starhawk

"Take equal parts driving rhythms and pagan revival and shake, shake,shake. Brook blends and bends genres from ragtime to ethnic fusion, from jazzy ballads to whining slide guitar driven blues to solo acoustic compositions. He has worked and recorded with many groups, including blues, folk, American roots, Latin, fusion, big band, and progressive jazz making appearances at festivals, in clubs, on radio and on television.

...great facility, I really dig (his) playing!" -- Kenny Burrell

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