Folk Vocals and Harmony
by Lauren Sheehan

Class will focus on: tone production, finding & holding a part, the magic of blend, & stylistic/genre variations".

Expect to do a lot of singing, to go through some vocal exercises exploring why or why not to do them, to sing through a couple of songs with organized harmony, some free harmony and to play with stylistic tone awareness and shaping. Vocal coaching may be incorporated, depending on number of participants, etc. Singers of all levels are welcome.

Lauren grew up in New England where she studied classical guitar as a child and became infected by the spirit of fiddle music at contra dances in western Massachusetts. She wrote her thesis on American folk music at Reed College before spending a number of years playing in small ensembles while founding, administering, and teaching in independent schools. During this time, she toured in New England, Ireland and the Pacific Northwest. She retired from teaching in 2003 and dedicated herself to full-time performing and recording. One look at her website, shows the variety of club, concert, and festival dates she performs, in solo, duo, and trio configurations and with the old blues band Eagle Ridin' Papas.

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