Kids' Songwriting
by Laurie Story Vela

Songwriting for Kids & Families: Come for fun and bring all your song ideas! We'll explore throw away songs, parodies and all forms of inspiration and ways to turn those great ideas into songs. And yes, we will write a song together; one to either throw away or sing forever!

Laurie Story Vela is an Author/Illustrator, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Publisher, Mom, Educator and BookTelling Performer. In addition to performing in schools and libraries across the nation, Laurie Story has published 150+ Laurie-Stor-E Books, and hundreds of interactive word play in her online literacy program found on her vast web site(s). She has also produced 23 audio recordings of Laurie's Stories, 3 Child Sing recordings for preschool music circles, and 2 "unproduced" recordings of her big people songs. Check the lobby for recordings and readwith Laurie's Stories on line at:


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