Songs of Industry and Union
by Malcolm Rigby

Some of the earliest songs recorded during the folk song revival of the '50's, both in the USA and in the UK, were songs of work and industrial struggle. These songs have remained favorites in many of our repertoires and numerous songs concerning these issues have been written since that time as whole industries have disappeared and Union busting has once more become the norm, though often in more subtle forms than previously.In this workshop we will collectively recall, discuss and above all sing, as many of these songs, both old and new, as we can fit into the allotted time.

Born and raised between the U.K. cities of Manchester and Liverpool Malcolm grew up singing the industrial and sea songs of his home area, picking up ballads and music-hall songs from his Irish Grandfather and Romany Grandmother and rebel and Union songs at the knee of his Socialist mother!

Dropping out of school at age 15, Malcolm worked in coalmines and high steel construction for 10 years before winning a Scholarship to Oxford in 1964.There he became a resident singer at the University Folk Club, Heritage, alongside fellow residents Louis Killen, June Tabor, Tony Rose, Peta Webb, etc.

Following a career spent almost entirely overseas Malcolm retired early to the Santa Cruz Mountains, spends two or three months most years in the U.K. singing at the Clubs and Festivals there and the rest of his time singing wherever he gets the opportunity, mainly on the West coast of this country.


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