Playing traditional music on the harmonica
by Winslow Yerxa

We'll look at harmonica styles used in various musical traditions, along with the instruments and techniques used.

Traditions covered will include Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, and Cajun, along with blues. Some of this will be lecture / demonstration, and some of it will be hands-on teaching with participants.

Winslow Yerxa is known in the harmonica community worldwide as a result
of his lifelong involvement with gathering and disseminating harmonica
knowledge and lore through teaching, writing, interviewing, publishing,
reviewing, networking, and travelling.

He began playing blues harmonica in garage bands in his native
Vancouver, BC, as a teenager. Hearing Canadian traditional music and
jamming with Cree musicians in the Rocky Mountains broadened his
horizons, as did extending his activities into jazz and bluegrass.
After playing in Caribbean dance bands in the Bay Area and publishing a
harmonica magazine for a few years, he returned to his Canadian roots
and started playing music drawn from the traditions of QuC)bec, Acadie,
Native and MC)tis first nations, Cape Breton, and Scotland. Presently he
is active as a member of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers and is
working on his first CD of tradition-based Canadian music.

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