Songwriter Showcase
Bay Area Originals

This year we premiere a showcase dedicated to local songwriters all day each day. They are mini-concerts in a quiet all-acoustic, intimate setting. Each performer will get about 30 minutes to present original songs. Though stylistically they are all over the map-from folk to pop to protest to country-what they all share is a desire to communicate ideas and feelings in original, entertaining ways.

Saturday, June 24th: room 309
12:00 Aaron Mort
12:30 Dave Lionelli
1:00 Greg Cross
1:30 Jacqui Foreman
2:00 WEE
2:30 Mica Lee Williams
3:00 Matthew Heller
3:30 Anthony Pulsipher
4:00 Claudia Russell
4:30 Chris Volpe
5:00 Melissa Rapp
5:30 Jason Debo


Sunday, June 25th: room 309
12:00 Doug Jones
12:30 Carolyn Jayne & Billy Stone
1:00 Steve Taylor
1:30 Cirf Hashins
2:00 Jo D’Anna
2:30 Jude Reseigne
3:00 Nina Jo Smith
3:30 Fly To Blue
4:00 Miena Yoo
4:30 Donna Hyatt
5:00 Moss Henry
5:30 Marianne Barlow


SFFFF 2006: