Family Workshops and Performances

The Pete Seeger Room, Bungalow 610, is THE place to be for families. Crafts, sing-alongs and concerts all day! We plan to decorate the room as well as set up crafts and "stage." We have programming 12:00 - 6:00 on Saturday and Sunday.


will be filled with great talent from the Children's Music Network!
Round Robin Concert Followed by Individuals in Concert.

noon - 2.15pm CMN Round Robin Song Swap
2.25pm - 3pm BookTeller Laurie Story with Splish Splash Book Bash
3pm - 4pm Bonnie Lockhart & Fran Avni interactive family concert
4pm - 5pm Miss Kitty & Janet Sirrett interactive family concert
5pm - 6pm CMN Regional Reps Lisa Atkinson & Judy Bayse interactive family concert


noon - 1pm Gospel Sing Song Swap with folk club icons Marian Gade & Jerry Michaels
1pm - 2pm Laurie Story & Jeremiah & Jeremiah with One Small Thought interactive Concert
2pm - 3pm Betsy Rose with Calm Down Boogie interactive Concert
3pm - 4pm Bob Reid Concert
4pm - 5pm Melisse Leib w/ Spanish Songs Sing-Along & Elizabeth Hannon w/ Young Hearts Sing - Montessori Music
5pm - 5:45pm Kids Voice: Combination Kids Open Mic & interactive Drumming Circle (Drums provided!)
5:45pm - 6:30pm Pete Seeger & Beyond: Fathers Honored Sing Along Concert led by Jerry Baldwin

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