Gender Neutral Contra
by Mavis McGaugh

Queer Contra Workshop: Introduction to Gender Neutral Contra Dancing.

It is also called "Gender-Free", "Queer Dance" as they call themselves, is one of the fastest growing and high energy dance communities around. Their dances regularly attract 90 + people monthly and they are having to find new halls for a larger dance space. Gender neutral contra dance means that men and women dance either role - the lead role or the follower role. In this type of dancing "The Bands" are the lead role, and wear a red ribbon around their arm to let people know. "The Bares" are the follower role, and do not wear any ribbon or tie. Because of the neutral role of the gender dance lead and follower, this type of dancing is very popular for the gay and lesbian communities, although everyone, including children are welcome. Many "straight" dancers come to the dances for the fun of being able to dance either role.


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