Turkish Folk Dance
with the Yöre Folk Dance Ensemble

Turkey has a large number of diverse cultural and ethnic groups, where dancing is one of the main customs to reflect distinctive aspects of daily life. Each region in Turkey has its characteristic dances with particular costumes, steps, rhythms and instruments. Depending on the region, the pace may be fast or slow, but the basic steps are easy to learn. Yore folk dance instructors will teach you the basics of ethnic folk dances from different regions of Turkey. You will have the most energetic and fun dancing experience ever. Anyone who loves to dance is invited. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Yore Dancers

As the first nonprofit Turkish folk dance troupe in the Bay Area, Yore has quickly developed to be the main center of teaching and learning ethnic dances from Turkey. Over the years, Yore has participated in numerous local and multi-cultural festivals. In its third year as a Turkish folk dance ensemble based in Stanford, Yore secured one of the 24 slots out of nearly 120 dance companies and made its debut in the highly acclaimed San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2004 ( www.worldartswest.org). Yore dancers also organized a one-time show called "Anatolian Spirit: The Journey of Dance", at Pleasanton/California in March 2004. In December 2006, Yore collaborated with Ahmet Luleci and his Collage dance company to organize a major show called "Moon Fire/Anatolian Rhythms" in San Francisco. http://yoredance.org/videos/moonfire.avi. Yore & Collage will have another performance in the fall. Please let us know if you would like to be informed.

For more information: contact@yoredance.org / (650) 619 4040

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