by Bob Fraley

The Zweifacher is a couple turning dance from Bavaria. Two dances make up the Zweifacher:  a waltz, and a pivot or dreher. One waltz turn takes 3 steps while a pivot takes only 2 steps. The dances alternate between these two turns.  Sometimes it's said that if you listen to the music, it will tell you what to do. That's particularly true of this dance. When the music has a bar with 2 beats, you dance a pivot. When the bar has 3 beats, you dance a waltz. We start with simple patterns, and will get more complex ones as the session progresses. In addition to learning a dance, you are learning to listen to the music, coordinate with your partner, and recover from the inevitable mistakes. You see, while the tunes have a pattern, mischievous musicians may choose to deviate from the pattern, just to see if they can throw you off.


SFFFF 2007: