Playing Naturally
by Chris Caswell

What does it mean to be a “natural” musician? Learn simple tools to connect with your playing in a direct, comfortable, and enriching way.

Chris Caswell is one of the world's finest players and makers of the Celtic harp. He is also a respected performer on the Scottish bagpipes, Irish flute and tinwhistle, and the bodhran.

Chris is a true Celtic bard, weaving a fierce beauty through intense playing and delight. As he plays, his music is informed by Wales, the Middle East, Latin America, the French countryside – anywhere from which his deep experience can move the listener towards the realm of resonance wherein the true heart abides.

Chris recorded three albums and toured North America and Europe with Robin Williamson and His Merry Band, beginning in 1976. In 1980 he formed Caswell Carnahan with Danny Carnahan and recorded two albums (re-released in 1995).

He continually works with Bay Area artists as an audio engineer, and has produced and composed for film and broadcast video. A natural teacher, he has held harp retreats throughout the country, and taught at numerous music camps. He has a popular instructional bodhran video.

CASWELL HARPS was established in 1977, and re-established in 2004 in Berkeley, California. As a harp maker. Chris is known for blending tradition and innovation. His harps are considered among the finest traditional harps available.


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