Intermediate Diatonic Harmonica
by Dave Wunsch

The workshop will show you how you can play folk, swing, country, or fiddle tunes, on an ordinary diatonic harmonica (such as a Marine Band or an Echo, or other). The workshop assumes you can already play a little. I play by ear, not from written music. In fact I can just barely read music. You can play too, if you can sing or hum a tune! Bring two diatonic harmonicas with you (or chromatic, slide har-monicas), in the keys of D and G. Also bring the titles of a few songs from the above genre's that you would like to hear. If I know them, I'll play them for you. Mostly I know old tunes, from before 1954; a few more recent.

I'm a retired electrical engineer, 75 years old, not a professional musician. I've been singing and playing for fun for 65 years, and it's still fun! I sometimes sit-in with various working bands around the bay area, such as Sidesaddle, Earthquake Country, and Mr Banjo and the Lonesome Wailers. I participate in many jams.


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