Prelude to Odd Meters
by Goh Kurosawa

This workshop will focus on "odd" time signatures such as 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, and 11/8. Being labeled as "odd" refers to the odd number of beats found in each measure. Intergrading odd time signatures with music is not a new idea; in fact, many popular artists such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, Yes, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Jeff Beck, My Chemical Romance, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Tool, the Blue Man Group, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra have worked with the idea. Still today, many musicians and songwriters shy away from odd metered music. However, these rhythms have potential to groove just as hard as (or in many cases, even more than) 4/4. Using original music and folk songs from the blue globe as examples, we hope to dawn light on how odd time signatures are used in compositions and improvisations.

If you know how to clap your hands, you will be able to participate in the workshop with us. We will reveal how to count meters of all kinds, however that is different from making the rhythm groove (come find out what that means, if you don't know already).

Why explore? Because it is a blast!


SFFFF 2007: