Italian Mandolin
by Nicola Swinburne

A chance for mandolin players to learn techniques to play Italian folk melodies. The class will review simple picking techniques for playing single-line music and how to develop an effective tremolo that can convey the emotion of the music. We'll review how to get the greatest dynamic contrasts out of the mandolin including piano vs. forte, staccato and legato, and how to use glissando.

Nicola Swinburne is a teacher of Italian and classical mandolin at various locations throughout the Bay Area. She is a faculty member of San Francisco's Community Music Center. She performs in a variety of small ensembles with harp, guitar, and other mandolins and occasionally as a soloist with orchestras. She recorded a CD of arranged classical, operatic and folk pieces with harpist Mitch Landy called Serenata.

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