Irish Whistle
by Tim Hart

Tim offers discussion and musical examples of some of the history, technique and expression related to the oldest instrument in Irish music. Bring a whistle (key D) if you have one. Handouts will be offered.

"Tim takes this Irish traditional music and pushes the edges in various ways. Personally, I think this is exactly what keeps the Irish tradition alive and keeps it dynamic."
-- Andrew Doerr, KCSB 91.9 FM, Santa Barbara

A self-taught musician, Tim Hart has developed a reputation as a unique talent on the California Celtic music scene, combining time-honored sounds & structure with new-century sensibilities, at times taking phrasing cues from jazz & swing. Tim's debut solo CD, Five After Four, was released in 2005. His band Greenbridge, featuring partners Michael Mullen (Tempest) and Tom Wagner (Oak, Ash & Thorn), is known for its rich arrangements and innovative style . Greenbridge can be found online at: .


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