Songwriter Showcase
All Acoustic Originals, bungalow 604

The Songwriter Showcase is a celebration of original acoustic music. But by no means are they all solo singer songwriters; some perform solo, some in duos or trios, and others perform with their bands. Also, not all specialize in the introspective contemporary acoustic sound one usually associates with the form. You will hear Americana, traditional folk, pop, country, dreamy, or even alternative sounds here. Whatever the styles, these artists all share a commitment to following their own unique personal visions, presented here in an unplugged inmate environment.

Saturday, June 16th: bungalow 604
12:00 Jonny Mac
12:30 August Bullock
1:00 Jeff Zittrain
1:30 Mokai
2:00 Jude Reseigne
2:30 Rick DiDia & Aireene Espiritu
3:00 Constance Taylor
3:30 Joseph Childress
4:00 Mica Lee Williams
4:30 Phillip Flathead
5:00 Citymouth Countrymouth
5:30 Dreamchair Music
6:00 Nighthouse


Sunday, June 17th: bungalow 604
12:00 Donna Hyatt
12:30 Dave Lionelli
1:00 Hali Hammer
1:30 Jo D’Anna
2:00 Dennis Roarick
2:30 Eileen Hazel
3:00 Derek See
3:30 Sam Misner & Megan Smith
4:00 Olivia Voss
4:30 Seth Augustus
5:00 Brian Brunt
5:30 Amy Meyers
6:00 Jan White


SFFFF 2007: