The Faith Petric Stage
North Gym, room 200

Jennifer Tait, Kalonica McQuesten, Cynthia Vazquez are three women in San Francisco who sing songs that hail from the rich and passionate folk traditions of the world, including the Gypsy/Eastern European diaspora. JouJou's music can range in mood from poignant to comically raucous, and leap from rich lyrical harmonies to mysterious eerie dissonance in a heartbeat. Fans of Kitka and wonderful acapella singing in general won’t want to miss this.

The Chris Cotton Trio
Calling what Chris does blues music might give people the wrong idea. It bears little resemblance to the urban blues music of today, with its shrill whining electric guitars and dull thudding bass lines. This sound is raw, percussive and decidedly more rooted in the earlier folk blues sound of Blind Willie McTell and Gary Davis. Though he does some enlightened covers featuring deft Piedmont-style finger-picking, Chris is mainly known for his original songs, some of which deal with the hard scrabble realities of living at the economic fringes of society and some of which just want to get the party started.

Down Not Out
High energy acoustic Americana. These fellows love old time folk and it shows. There’s a definite Jerry Garcia influence in the sweet harmonies and the swift, flowing mandolin and guitar picking. The core of DNO is founding members Andrew Freeman and Eric Kurztrock. Around them gather a collection of some of the Bay Area’s finest, including Brad Russell and Choco Jacques from the Waybacks. They attract the best players because their vocals, arrangements, and musicianship are of the highest order. I dare you not to be blown away!

Fans of the easy listening modern folk sounds of James Taylor and Peter, Paul, and Mary will love this acclaimed Bay Area trio. Their award-winning songs have won them fans across the country and have been featured in films and on television. The vocals are clear and commanding. The picking is clean and exemplary. The songs are well-crafted and easy on the ears and psyche. Their live performances flow with the grace and ease of the Sierra river of the same name.
Swing Theory
Kerry Parker (exciting, lyrical fiddling), and her fellow swing scientists, Tom Murrary (Django gypsy guitar stylings), Hal Glatzer (old-fashioned, ultra-modernist guitar and vocal accompaniment) , and Myron Grossman (venerable upright bass stalwart) love the mid-Twentieth Century pop standards. They play with the old gems with verve and conviction, while approaching these classics with a decidedly modern touch. These long-time Folk Clubbers have been delighting SF Folk Festival crowds with their jamming in the hallways for years, and now it's your chance to enjoy them on the big stage.
East Bay Harmony Chorus
Directed by Mark Bernfield, this joyful, large, long-lasting acapella Oakland group does folk to madrigals to jazz to rock, with numerous soloists.
Culann’s Hounds
This young quintet plays traditional Irish folk music with fire and intensity. After 5 years of honing its chops at the Blackthorn Tavern in SF’s Inner Sunset, the Hounds are taking their act on the road, wowing Irish music lovers coast to coast. They specialize in presenting the old chestnuts in dynamic new arrangements. But what really makes their rabid fans go wild is their high energy, dynamic stage show. Come see why they are being hailed as one of the best traditional music bands in America today.
Faith Petric
Faith is the SF Folk Music Club’s resident nonagenarian agitating folksinger. I think it’s safe to say she’s the only performer gracing our stage that was born in a log cabin. Heck, with a resume like that she could run for president (and probably should). Luckily for us she would rather spend her time performing and spreading her love of folk music. She has done more than any one in town, through the bi-monthly song swaps she hosts and through her performances, to introduce and, in some cases, rekindle an interest in social singing and folk music. She’s well-known as a walking music library because she knows so many songs. But this is not a dusty collection of museum pieces. In Faith’s hands, these songs remain warm and alive, and sound as fresh as when first sung. But it’s the way she connects with an audience that remains her greatest gift. There’s some special alchemy at work here: the huge smile, the tilt of the head, the way she looks right at you as if she’s singing just for you (fledgling performers take note!). The woman knows how to work a room. I’ve watched her take the noisiest, wildest, hipper-than-thou Haight Street crowd and have them as gentle as lambs before the first song was through. This year marks Faith return after far too long an absence. She will close out the festival on Sunday on the stage that now bears her name. SF Chronicle article
Grupo Germinal
This 7 piece San Jose ensemble takes listeners on a stirring guided tour through Latin American folk music and Nueva Cancion. Their varied repertoire includes Mexican corridos, Colombian cumbias, and music from the Andes. The arrangements draw on an extensive selection of instruments including guitar, charango, Venezuelan cuatro, flute, quena, and several types of indigenous percussion such as the Andean charchas and Aztec teponazxtle.
Yore Folk Dance Ensemble
As the first nonprofit Turkish folkdance troupe in the Bay Area, Yore has quickly developed to be the main center of teaching and learning ethnic folkdances from Turkey.  Yore, participated in numerous local and international festivals. In it's third year of Stanford Turkish folk dance group operation, Yore secured one of 24 slots out of nearly 120 dance companies and made its debut in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2004. ( Yore dancers also organized a one-time show in March called "Anatolian Spirit: The Journey of Dance", at Pleasanton/California ( December 9th, 2006Yore collaborate with Ahmet Luleci and his group Collage and organized a major show called "Moon Fire/Anatolian Rhythms" in San Francisco.

Elaine Dempsey and friends
This group incorporates music in the acoustic traditions with gospel music sensibilities. Elaine is joined by members of the St. Andrew Presbyterian Choir of Marin City, CA; in the presentation of original songs as well as songs of others that inspire and continue to create change in the world around. Elaine is a member of the nationally touring acoustic trio “Big Wide Grin”. Ann Jefferson has performed with Big Wide Grin, Linda Tillery & Lighthouse Singers of Marin. Ann is a Bay Area treasure in the world arrangements, composition and teaching of of music in the gospel and spiritual tradition. Lauretta Williams and Delores Talley bring rich vocals that elevate the message of the song to another level. Michael Cobbina is the newest member of this group (previously known as the St. Andrew Sisters). His percussive magic brings the heartbeat into the song.

Sauce Piquante
At the mere mention of their name, the 2-step aficionados start salivating and grab their dancing shoes. Could get slippery! Anyone who enjoys a good ol’ raucous music time will not want to miss these purveyors of classic Cajun/Creole tunes. They spice things up with a healthy portion of accordion and some mellow fiddle for sweetening. Just the recipe for a spirited celebration of tradition French Louisiana music culture. Allons danser!.
Folk This!
Back in the heyday of 1940s/1950s coffeehouse folk scene, a trio of songsters belting out labor classics like Banks of Marble wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow. In today’s jaded, media-saturated times, Folk This’s back-to-the-basics style is, well, just what the shop steward ordered. These 3 longtime political activist/music-makers, Susan Appe, Marcus Duskin, and Ramsey Kaanan, perform their favorite songs of struggle and revolution with gusto and verve. They’ll make you want to pull out your Little Red Songbook and sing along!
Karpov is a quintet of young American-born musicians with roots in Eastern Europe now living in SF’s Mission District. You can hear the influence of gypsy and klezmer, thanks to the driving accordion and clarinet, in the dark swirling melodies of their songs. But there is a country bluesy feel as well. Throw in a little of Tom Wait’s avant pop sound for good measure and you’ll start to get an idea of this band’s unique klezmer folk rock cabaret sound. It’s no easy trick to blend all these influences, but Andre’s songs have immediate appeal and stay with long after hearing them. The songs are by turns rye and intensely personal, filled at times with some pretty dark, gritty imagery. But he has a knack for writing catchy melodies, and there’s a warm humanity flowing through these songs that gives them immediate appeal. Hear what NPR has to say about them.

World Harmony Chorus
Founded by Daniel Steinberg in 1999, the World Harmony Chorus is a community chorus that performs songs from around the world. The chorus is based in Mountain View and Oakland, and is welcome to singers of all ages and experience levels.

Dunsmuir Scottish Country Dancers

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