Swing / Lindy Hop
Carla Heiney & Rye Crowen

All ages & levels welcome to come experience the art of Lindy Hop, an American Vernacular dance danced to the popular sounds of Big Band music, jazz, blues, and more.

Carla Heiney is aninternationally recognized instructor and world class dancer. She is regularly featured at camps throughout the world including venues in France, England, Spain, Germany, Australia and the U.S. Titles include 4-time US Open Lindy Hop Champions (2001-2004), 2-time American Lindy Hop Champions (2001-2002), and 2-time North Atlantic Lindy Hop Champions (2002-2003). She also took first place in the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Team Division (Sept. 2004) and won first place in the Pro Jack & Jill at Camp Hollywood (2004).

Carla teaches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and is excited to be a part of this year's Folk Festival. For more information about where to learn Lindy Hop / Swing Dancing in the Bay area, please visit the website: