Music and Song Workshops

Irish Slow Session
Ann McChesney-Young

Traditional Acappella Song Session
In Harmony's Way
Piano Accordion
Art Peterson
Gospel Sing
Jerry Michaels and Marian Gade
Contradance Band
Art Peterson & Ann McChesney-Young
Blues Guitar
Joe Cadora
About Unaccompanied Singing
Bill Moore
The Craft of Songwriting
John Craigie
Working Rhythm into our (Folk) Music:
Percussive Guitar Techniques and Ethnic Rhythms

Russian Folk Songs & Beyond
Jonnie Pekelny
Instant Connection -- the Simple Act of Vibrating Together
Lani Herrmann
The Quintessential Jug Band Instruments -
How to Build and Play the Jug, Washboard, and Washtub Bass

California Jug Band Association
The Little Red Songbook
Marcus Duskin
How Jug Band Music Influenced the Blues and Rock
California Jug Band Association
Simon & Garfunkel Songs
Marlene McCall & Don Murdoch
Old-Time Fiddle Jam in Cross-Tuned A
Carol Denney
Beginning Button Accordion (Accordions Provided!)
Paul Kostka
Political Songs
Carol Denney
Not Necessarily the Blues Harp
Paul Herzoff
Barbershop Harmony
Charles Feltman
Harmonica Jam
Paul Herzoff
Thumb-Picking Guitar
Clem Small
Songs of the Sea & Sea Shanties
Peter Kasin & Richard Adrianowicz
Celtic Harp
Chris Caswell
Guitar: A dozen ways to work a flatpick
Ray Bierl
Beginning Performers
Chuck Poling
Ukulele Basics and Hawaiian Songs
Erich Sylvester
Daniel Hersh and Jack Gilder and Carol Denney
Acoustic Beatles for the Folk Musician
Roan Michaels
Utah Phillips' Songs
Ed Hilton
Country Rock
Rose & Jim Hudson
Birthday Songs
Ed Silberman
Traditional Ballads
Sadie Damascus
A Cappella Harmony Styles
Ellen Robinson
Familiar American Chorus Songs
Sadie Damascus
Songs of Women's Work and Protest
Estelle Freedman
Guitar: Lead Playing for Beginners
Mac McCurdy
Beginning Guitar for Kids AND Adults
Hali Hammer
Traditional Singing Styles
Sharyn Dimmick
Learning by Ear
Harmon’s Peak
Polyrhythm Singing Circle
Tony Elman
Beginning Tin Whistle (Whistles Provided!)
Autumn Rhodes
Mokale" Rhythmsong Circle
Tony Elman
Acoustic Bass
Matt Small