Traditional Singing Styles
Sharyn Dimmick

Sharyn Dimmick, noted singer of traditional ballads, presents a workshop on traditional singing styles. She will discuss the two main components of mastering a singing style, which are listening to the style and practicing singing in the style. Her workshop will feature guest Richard Adrianowicz, who will present material on Irish singing styles and guest Carol Denney, who will give an introduction to the Primitive Baptist singing style.

Sharyn has loved traditional folksongs since she first heard them in her childhood, and has studied folksong formally at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She founded a Berkeley-based group that meets monthly to sing traditional ballads. She has one recording, a cassette tape produced in 1998 that features traditional ballads, folksongs and a gospel hymn as well as original compositions. She currently has a CD ("Paris") in process, which features traditional ballads and songs, originals and covers.