The Craft of Songwriting
John Craigie

Having trouble turning what's in your head into a song? Having trouble tightening the loose ends of those songs? Having trouble with every single aspect of songwriting? Have no fear. Grab your guitar, banjo, or whatever your instrument of choice is and come and join folk singer John Craigie for the "Craft of Songwriting " workshop. John Craigie is a nationally touring artist who has been traveling the country writing songs and playing shows for the past five years. He has written hundreds of songs and and sang them to every kind of audience. At the workshop, Craigie will be hosting an open forum where ideas will be passed around, techniques will be shared, and a little bit more light will be shed on the mystery of songwriting.

More than anyone, Craigie is aware of the paradox of having a workshop on such a personal and limitless craft as songwriting. Craigie has given many workshops at festivals around the country and found that there are no concrete rules or guidelines, but there is plenty to explore.

Come with your questions, your half-finished songs, and your open minds. Craigie's blend of humor and storytelling shine more than ever in the workshop setting. Don't miss this event.