Not Necessarily the Blues Harp - Harmonica Tunes, Chugs, and Riffs from Around the World
Paul Herzoff

Introduction to the world's most widespread and popular musical instrument. All your ideas about the harmonica — its history, and its place in the world's music - are correct! Now come and learn some different ones - and why it's a good thing for you to learn to play. Blues harp is a glorious institution, but it's only a small portion of the world culture of harmonica. We'll look into various folk harmonica styles, with demonstrations and recordings.

Those who have come to play are encouraged to play along or to show off their specialties. It's a chance for those interested in the instrument to gather, and it's also a chance to spread the word to newbies of the harmonica's versatility and ubiquity - keys to its acceptance in many musical traditions.

Bring any old harmonica in the key of "C" to participate in introductory material and see how simple it can be to start.
Not an all-out beginners' class, but more of a pep talk and (hopefully) inspirational demonstration of the fun one can have with the "Pocket Piano".