Country Rock
Rose & Jim Hudson

Our current workshop will cover Country Rock and its beginnings. We will talk about and perform songs by the Eagles, Poco and Linda Ronstadt. Many people don't realize that country and rock were two separate schools of music. They didn't begin to merge until the late 1960s when rock groups began including typically country instruments in their songs. Bands like the Eagles set out to capture the country rock sound they heard from their friends and fellow artists.

Jim and Rose Hudson have been involved with music for over twenty years. We've been with the South Bay Folk Group, led open mics at Cuppa Joe in Mountain View, and taught workshops at the SF Folk Fest for the past six years. We've performed at wineries, coffee shops and parties for many years, and continue to do so. We play a variety of music from pop to rock, country to old standards, jazz and blues to Broadway.

Jim's specialty is the guitar, both acoustic and electric. Rose plays piano, keyboard and synthesizer. We produce our own CDs and they will be available at the festival. I have also written a pop music trivia book on artists and songs from the '60s and '70s that is available online.