Axton Kincaid

See, what’s happening is that a lot of kids in indy rock and punk rock bands are getting bored with those fairly played-out styles. So they’re turning to the deep-rooted folk and country sound. They’re dropping their strats and picking up mandolins and pedal steels and forming bands like Axton Kincaid. But this isn’t the country music of the Dolly and Porter variety. And this certainly isn’t that phony crap being passed off as country by brain-dead Clear Channel stations. This is a modern, idiosyncratic country style that’s been passed through the filter of Tom Waits, Neko Case, and the Stone Roses. But it retains the 3 and 4 part harmonies and gin-soaked twang we expect. Their songs about misspent youth, safety tips for drunk drivers, and missing your bartender are winning raves and fans from such disparate quarters as All Music Guide, NPR, SF Weekly and SF Bay Guardian. So catch the Axton Kincaid express while there are still empty seats to be had.