Faith Petric

Faith is the West Coast Pete Seeger. Of course, Pete might say he is the East Coast Faith Petric. She might not be as famous, but she has left her indelible stamp on probably hundreds of folk musicians. She’s a tireless promoter of folk music through the twice monthly song swaps at her home, which she’s been doing for more than 5 decades. She was born in a log cabin in 1915, yet she doesn’t seem a day older than when I first met her nearly 20 years ago. She knows a million songs and can remember where most of them come from. And she always lights up the stage when she performs. I’d wrap it up now. I can imagine her saying, “Now, you stop that!” She doesn’t like it when people gas on about how great she is. Suffice to say there’s a reason the evening concert stage is named after her.