Misisipi Rider

AKA Misisipi Mike Wolf and Chris Reiter, along with Doug Blumer and Katy Rexford. If you play the Seven Degrees of Separation game with the members, you end up with a list of connections to nearly every decent Americana band in town. How many bands do these guys have a toe in collectively? Dozens? Hundreds? After hanging out with a bunch of musicians these last 10 years, there’s at least one thing I’ve learned. Talent recognizes talent. So it should be no surprise these Riders have such talented friends. They all play and sing up a storm. And there’s an easy camaraderie that’s fun to be around. The musical starting point is definitely The Band. You get a hit of that deep, woodsy Southern Americana here. And they sure know a lot of good songs and have even written quite a few of good ones themselves. Their shows have a warm, live-in-the-living room feel. What better way to kick off our Woody Guthrie Stage afternoon concerts than with Misisipi Rider.

www.myspace.com/misisipiriders www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6RA1dXNR50&feature=related