Pete Seeger Stage
Our new festival location in the SF City College Wellness facilty is dazzling. However, there is a shortage of obvious performance spaces. We want to provide as many folks with the opportunity to perform as possible (there are SO MANY talented people in our midst, after all!). So the new Pete Seeger Stage was created. The stage might be small, but the talent represented on this stage is jumbo-sized. The music selection is a diverse and surprising as you would expect from the SF Folk Music Club. Click on the artist names from descriptions and links to web sites.

You can find links to many of our performers, including track samples on our MySpace Page.

Saturday, June 21st: near room 323, 3rd floor
12:00 John Craigie
12:30 Deborah Crooks
1:00 Klezkidz
1:30 Hot Kugel
2:00 Bryan Uhlenbrock
2:30 Kenny Schick
3:00 Elaine Dempsey & St Andrews Sisters
3:30 Imperial Jones
4:00 Hyperbole Mountain
4:30 Jeanie & Chuck's Country Roundup
5:00 Harmon’s Peak
5:30 J Byrd Hosch & her Tater Trio
6:00 Miena Yoo


Sunday, June 22nd: near room 323, 3rd floor
12:30 D. Johnson
1:00 Jessica Rice
1:30 Maggie Morris
2:00 Emily Zisman
2:30 Peter Daldry
3:00 Chris Cotton
3:30 Bhi Bhiman
4:00 Bob Frank
4:30 Ash Reiter
5:00 Ray Bierl
5:30 Karl Kummerle
6:00 Beatbeat Whisper