Family Workshops and Performances

The Malvina Reynolds Choir Room (room #102), is THE place to be for families. Sing-alongs and concerts.

There is a separate crafts area for kids and parents. It is located in room #103.


noon In The Parlor Family Songs & Games Ed Hilton
12:25 Singing Puppets Fun for all! Beverly Salmond
1:00 Malvina Reynolds Songs for the Young at Heart Carolyn Jayne
2:00 TBA  
3:00 Princess & The Pirate Princess Suska & Pirate Mordecai
4:00 Singing Games From Around The World Bonnie Lockhart
5:00 Favorite Family Songs Swap Ralph & YOU!


noon Gospel Songs Sing-A-Long Marian Gade & Jerry Michaels
noon Family Dance (room 117) Mavis McGaugh
1:00 Kids Open Mic Jeremiah
1:10 Celebrating Flag Day: Sing-A-Long Concert "Ranger" Bob Keller
2:00 Kids Open Mic Jeremiah
2:10 In Our Hands Sing-A-Long Concert Laurie Story & Jeremiah
3:00 Kids Open Mic William
3:10 Singing Puppet Show Lady Doris Williams
4:00 Tutti Frutti Italian Musical Comedia Jim Letchworth
5:00 Gruesome Song Swap Jeremiah & Ranger Bob

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