20's Charleston

Charleston was a dance craze in the 1920s, the time of prohibition and "speak-easy" clubs. The syncopated music made people want to do wild things, like wave their arms around and kick up their heels under their new, short hems. It takes effort to look this goofy, so be ready for a workout. All ages and body types can do this dance, because it's all about cutting loose. We will merely be showing you which body parts you should loosen to best fit the music.

Persephone has been teaching dance since 1997, while giving many live performances and appearing in movies and television. She co-founded a waltz venue in 2001 in Palo Alto (FridayNightWaltz.com), and in 2004 began the only year-round weekly waltz class in the Bay Area (VintageWaltz.com). These are both still going strong. Persephone was also the first to bring waltzing into the SOMA nightclub scene by blurring the line between partner dancing and party music-- a trend that is still spreading. But these accomplishments are not nearly as important as how well she treats her dance students. People love her classes and come back over and over, sometimes for years. She is patient, articulate, and inspiring.