Gypsy Jazz Violin
Benito Cortez

You can learn to improvise and swing on the violin. This workshop will be about the rudiments of gypsy jazz violin with discussion of note choices, swing tone and bow technique, developing licks, and amplifying the violin. We will apply some of what we learn to improvise to familiar Django Reinhart's tunes "Minor Swing" and the rhythm change tune "Double Whiskey."

Jazz Violinist Benito Cortez performs with the Tipsy Gypsy Trio as part of the SF Free Folk Festival on June 13, 2009. He will also be performing with the gypsy jazz ensemble Panique! during DjangoFest SF on June 4, 2009 in Mill Valley, CA. While growing up playing in orchestras and chamber ensembles, Benito enjoys being a musician in jazz and other improv settings. In addition to the Tipsy Gypsy Trio and Panique!, he performs with the salsa band Oriente, with fado singer Ramana Vieira, and with the children's music group Candy and the Sweet Tooths. Benito has other projects in the works, including a Latin music trio and an improvising jazz string quartet. He teaches jazz violin and resides in San Francisco.