Dan Jam: Songs of Dan Fogelberg
Gray Shaw

Dan started out playing in Illinois coffeeshops. He was plucked out of college by Irv Azoff in 1971 and immediately began his recording career, which produced some fine folk-rock albums. In Gray’s opinion, Dan Fogelberg's best stuff comes from before 1980, when he came out with "Longer," which got a fair amount of airplay. Others may recall "Leader of the Band" a nice song about his father, from 1981.

As a music hobbyist, Gray sings and plays all sorts of songs written by other people. When he began playing guitar in 1978, Dan Fogelberg was one of his early influences. They share a horoscope — Leo with Cancer rising — and people used to tell him that they looked the same. Even after Gray’s musical tastes veered sharply away from Dan's studio arrangements, his songwriting continued to supply substance to his repertoire, particularly with "More Than Ever" and "Along the Road."

Witness and participate as Gray dusts off some of his greatest hits and non-hits from the 70s and 80s — the songs, the serenades — without the schmaltz! Old and new Fogelberg fans are welcome; bring your own renditions. Gray is inviting other performers who know Dan's songs to join him with harmonies and instrumentation.

Gray Shaw took up guitar in 1978 and plays rock and folk covers as a hobby, mostly at jams in the East Bay. Dan Fogelberg was one of his early influences.