Jewish Songs to Sing Along
Jillian "Yidl" Tallmer & Ami Goodman

All invited to share, listen, and learn. Transliterated song sheets provided. No previous knowledge of Yiddish required.

Jillian "Yidl" Tallmer grew up in Manhattan, where she attended an Episcopalian girl's school and learned loads of Christmas carols. Introduced to the San Francisco Jewish Folk Chorus as an adult, she immediately fell in love with the world of Yiddish. For her solo performances and Yiddish sing-alongs all over the Bay Area, Jillian received the Yiddish Music Award of the Workmen's Circle in 2001. Jillian teaches ESL at L'Chaim! in the Sunset, where elderly Russian clients do the Macarena to Tumbalalaika. The nickname is Molly Picon's cross-dressing role in the movie, Yidl Mitn Fidl.

Jillian leads a women's chorus, the Loose Canons, in performances of intriguing songs from around the world. If you would like to audition or submit song suggestions, please write to

Ami Goodman enjoys teaching all genres of Jewish folksong. He has facilitated the monthly Kumzits Jewish music songswap for the past 18 years in the Bay area. He is a pediatrician in San Francisco.