Harmony Singing, Bluegrass-Style
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum

There is almost nothing better than close harmony singing. We'll analyze two and three part harmony (taking special care to shed some light on the elusive baritone line), and we'll work on blending, breathing, and phrasing. We'll take a song and teach the various harmony options for two, three, and four voices. Come to discover what it's all about, or just come to fine-tune your ear.

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum have been singing and carrying on together musically for over 20 years, and they have developed a closeness and blend in their harmony singing that is rare to find outside of sibling duets. They have developed and taught numerous singing workshops at schools and camps all over North America, helping people to find their voices and spreading the joy of harmony. Visit www.laurielewis.com for more information on Laurie's and Tom's music.