John Denver Songs
Laurie Vela & Melissa Serenac

We are gathering to honor the great poet and songwriter John Denver by singing his beautiful songs. We have song sheets for everyone to sing along with some of his popular as well as some of his more obscure songs. From Rhymes and Reasons, we'll travel down Country Roads with Sunshine On (our) Shoulders! If you have a favorite to lead or share, feel free to bring it along.

Laurie Story Vela grew up singing John Denver songs; touched by their beauty and profound poetry, he was a definite influence in her own songwriting. Says Laurie, "John Denver goes right to the heart every time, and that is one of the most important purposes of a song." Laurie has written hundreds of songs, many for children and many for adults. Some are super silly and some dive into the depths of the soul. She has produced dozens of CDs & videos and uses a lot of songs from her latest recordings on her website: These web pages with songs, pictures and text are designed to uplift and inspire.