2009 Schedule

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2009 San Francisco Free Folk Festival    SATURDAY (June 13)
TIME Music 1
room #105
Music 2
room #107
Music 3
room #122
Music 4
room #108
Music 5 / Songwriter Showcase
room #106
Malvina Reynolds
room #102
Dance 1
room #117
Dance 2
south gymnasium
Dance 3
north gymnasium

Woody Guthrie Stage

Faith Petric Stage
12:00 Making Music From Junk
California Jug Band Association
How to Play the Musical Saw — Saws Provided!
Morgan Cowin
Songs of the Sea & Sea Shanties
Richard Adrianowicz
Songs of Joe Hill
Marcus Duskin
Acoustic Bass
Matt Small
In The Parlor Family Songs & Games Gypsy/Rom Dance
John Bear
Square Dancing
Erik Hoffman
Todd Wagner

Open Mic

(sign up near the stage!)

Carol Denney 12:00
Singing Puppets Fun for all! Dreamchair
1:00 Jug Hero
California Jug Band Association
French Music Jam
Mitch Gordon & Gary Breitbard
A Cappella Harmony Styles
Ellen Robinson
Thumb-Picking Guitar
Clem Small
Malvina Reynolds Songs for the Young at Heart
Carolyn Jayne
Leading and Following Skills
Phillip Garrison
Jane Austen's Waltzes
Cathleen Myers
Border Morris
Mad Molly
2:00 Screening of Pasajero, a 56 minute documentary
presented by Los Cenzontles
Beginning Guitar for Kids AND Adults
Hali Hammer
A Start-to-Finish Primer on Producing Your Own CD
Jonathan Gill & Wendy DeWitt

Lani Herrmann

Beginning Performers
Chuck Poling
TBA Balkan
Carol Friedman
Archana Sachdev
French Country Dancing
Gary Breitbard and Jena Rauti
Songwriter Circle:
Matthew Davies
Deborah Crooks
Nadia Piotrowsky
Sean Garvey
Jude Reseigne 2:00
Kids Open Mic Quake City Jug Band
3:00 Mariachi
Los Cenzontles
Gypsy Jazz Violin
Benito Cortez
Shape Note Singing
Peter Ross & Gary Breitbard
Karen Imperial Princess & The Pirate
Princess Suska & Pirate Mordecai
English Country
Ric Goldman
Ken Chin
Old Californian
Jim Letchworth
Mugg Muggles 3:00
Tim Wilkins Jeanie & Chuck Poling Kapalakiko
4:00 Australian Sheep-Shearing and Bush Songs
John Poultney
Introducing the Mandolin Family
Jeff Clark
Harmony Singing, Bluegrass-Style
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Folk Songs of Women's History: Love & Labor
Estelle Freedman
Rita Hosking with Sean Feder Singing Games From Around The World
Bonnie Lockhart
Edith Bourbin
Yale Rosenblatt
Irish Ceili
Shauna Gareth
Faith Petric 4:00
Fleeting Trance Caren Armstrong 49 Special
5:00 Polyrhythm Song Circle
Tony Elman
A Journey into Cajun and Creole Music
Blair Kilpatrick
Rubber Soul Unplugged
Doug Jones & Roan Michaels
John Denver Songs
Laurie Vela & Melissa Serenac
Eric O’Connell & Kristen O’Cooper Favorite Family Songs Swap
Ralph & YOU!
Fabien Goulay
20's Charleston


The Tipsy Gypsy Trio 5:00
Jo D'Anna The Hali Hammer Band Cheyenne's Appalachian Review
and on

June 13th & 14th, 2009

Presidio Middle School
450 30th Ave, San Francisco (@ Geary)


Music/Song Workshops
Family Events
        The Earl Brothers 6:00
  Vintage Invaders
Evening Dances (North Gymnasium):

6:00: A Vintage Ballroom Dance (until 10pm).

Join The Fine Companions - William Allen of Divertimento and Stan & Susan Kramer of Bangers & Mash (6 to 8PM) -- along with the BRASSWORKS brass quintet (8 to 10PM) -- and callers James and Cathleen Myers of PEERS for an informal but elegant evening of vintage ballroom dancing.

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum and friends
Los Cenzontles
The Bolos

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2009 San Francisco Free Folk Festival    SUNDAY (June 14)
TIME Music 1
room #105
Music 2
room #107
Music 3
room #122
Music 4
room #108
Music 5 / Songwriter Showcase
room #106
Malvina Reynolds
room #102
Dance 1
room #117
Dance 2
south gymnasium
Dance 3
north gymnasium

Woody Guthrie Stage

Faith Petric Stage
12:00 Percussive Guitar Techniques
Magic Brook
Ukulele Jam
Hiram Bell
Traditional Acappella Song Session
In Harmony's Way
Barbershop Harmony
Charles Feltman
  Gospel Songs Sing-A-Long
Marian Gade & Jerry Michaels
Family Dance
Mavis McGaugh
Dana DeSimone
Bob Fraley

Open Mic

(sign up near the stage!)

Mokai 12:00
Kim Richards
1:00 Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer
Deborah “DJ”Hamouris
Quebecois Jam
David Brown
History of the Industrial Revolution in Song
Bev & Jerry Praver
The Glory of Love —Popular Songs of the 20s and 30s
Rose & Jim Hudson
Dan Jam: Songs of Dan Fogelberg
Gray Shaw
Kids Open Mic

Janine Ryle

Argentine Tango
Carol Hom
Country Western Line Dance
Donna Frankel
Celebrating Flag Day: Sing-A-Long Concert
"Ranger" Bob Keller
Hot Foot Swing
2:00 Concertina
Daniel Hersh, Jack Gilder and Carol Denney
Taking Your Ukulele Skills to the Next Level
Erich Sylvester
Utah Phillips' Songs
Ed Hilton
Songs of the Carter Family
Searle Whitney and Laura Lind
How to Construct and Play the Washtub Bass
Mugg Muggles
Kids Open Mic Russian
Bill and Louise Lidicker
Dana DeSimone
Belly Dance
Rasa Vitalia
Songwriter Circle:
Avi Vinocur
Stephanie Nilles
Amanda West
Bhi Bhiman
Misisipi Rider 2:00
In Our Hands Sing-A-Long Concert
Laurie Story & Jeremiah
The Wronglers
3:00   Contradance Band
Art Peterson
Jewish Songs to Sing Along
Jillian "Yidl" Tallmer & Ami Goodman
Sonya Hunter with Erik Pearson Kids Open Mic Flamenco
Nemesio Paredes
Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
Dances of Universal Peace
Yaquin Sufi & Perry Pike
Forrofiando 3:00
Robin Galante with Eric Pedersen Singing Puppet Show
Lady Doris Williams
Gaucho World Harmony Chorus
4:00 Beginning Button Accordion (Accordions Provided!)
Paul Kostka
Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo
David Brown

Russian Folk Songs & Beyond
Jonnie Pekelny

Ka-Chi Tutti Frutti Italian Musical Comedia
Jim Letchworth
Learn to Contra Dance!
Karen Fontana
Early American
Alan Winston
Yael Schy
Moh Alileche and Danse Maghreb 4:00
Gil Stancourt Beatbeat Whisper Golden Gate Clogging Company & Rasa Vitalia Belly Dance
5:00 Political Songs
Carol Denney
African Guitar
Matthew Lacques & Richard Linley
Not Necessarily the Blues Harp
Harmonica Tunes, Chugs, and Riffs from Around the World

Paul Herzoff
Traditional Ballads
Elaine Belkind
Kristin Lagasse Gruesome Song Swap
Jeremiah & Ranger Bob

North Indian Classical Dance
Anjali Nath

Gender-free Contra Workshop
Dean Allemang
The Hambo
Bob Fraley
Go Van Gogh 5:00
Hang Jones Family Lines The West County Professional Tea Sippers Old-time String Band

June 13th & 14th, 2009

Presidio Middle School
450 30th Ave, San Francisco (@ Geary)


Schedule as of 13-jun-09

          Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers 6:00
and on

Evening Dance (North Gymnasium):

6:30: Contra and Square Dance! Until 9:30pm.

Modern American Contra and Square Dance: flowing and fun moves, danced to Early American and Celtic live music. No partner needed. All dances taught and prompted. All experience levels welcome. Calling by Karen Fontana, Mavis McGaugh, and Susan Pleck. Open Band led by Art Peterson, Ann McChesney, Debra Tayleur, and the Contra Band Music Class

  Sam Misner and Megan Smith
Claudia Russell and the Folk Unlimited Orchestra
The Palm Wine Boys